1. install HomeCenter server

  1. download HC_Server.zip MD5 : 1d5593b04578ec5833c9cddb19828514

  2. setupJava Runtime Environment(JRE) 7 or the newer.
    JRE : https://www.java.com/
    support following OS:
    • Windows (x86/x64)
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux/Unix (x86/x64)
    • Solaris Unix(x86/x64/SPARC)

  3. unzip HC_Server.zip

  4. startup server
    • for Window : enter directory Window, double click"HomeCenter.bat"
    • Mac OS X :
      • normal user : enter directory MacOSX, unzip "MacOSX.zip", double click"HomeCenter"
      • advanced user : enter directory Linux, NOT MacOSX, double click"HomeCenter.command"
    • for Linux : enter directory Linux, double click"HomeCenter.sh"

    it will download the newer program and verify them.

  5. after download, system will create new HomeCenter ID[010876](it is sample),

  6. input new password, click"OK", server is initializing.
    When server is ready for mobile connection, the tray icon of HomeCenter server will change from to

  7. start mobile app(for example Android 4.4.2, there is UI difference between other mobile phone),

    Save Password :
    click and select this item, you don't need to input password for the next login.

    click"Option" button for more options.

  8. it looks like the following :

    Forbid update certification in (unsafe) net :
    please keep unchecked status before first connection to PC or creating new certification on server,
    because new certification will be received and saved on mobile.

    Color :
    it is the color level to display remote desktop of PC. In WiFi Direct Mode(see more below), your HomeCenter server will ignore the item, and use the best color level. In Relay Mode for NON-VIP user, the highest level : (☆☆/★★★Stable).
    • (☆☆☆☆☆) : the best color level. In Relay Mode, it costs more traffic and the worst network stability.
    • (☆/★★★★Stable) : the lowest color. In Relay Mode, it costs less traffic and the best network stability.
    Direct Mode : connect PC via WiFi, the traffic is direct between HomeCenter server and mobile, no agent or relay server. mobile phone will try direct connect first, if fail, then relay on HomeCenter.MOBI
    Relay Mode : if your mobile can't connect your server directly, then mobile will send/receive all data to relay server of HomeCenter.MOBI, and your server will receive/send data from relay server.

    Mute :
    no sound when touch screen on mobile

    Transparency :
    if checked, transparency menu or panel is used, it looks perfectly, but costs more memory of mobile.

    Refresh(ms) :
    when control PC, the frequency of refresh desktop. In WiFi Direct Mode, this option is ignore and frequency is 100(ms). In relay mode, the minimum frequency for NON-VIP is 3000(ms), the minimum frequency for VIP is 100(ms).

    Save Energy :
    if checked, saving energy is priority, then processing data, you may feel some delay on data transportation.

    My network is very good, TCP only, Disable UDP :
    In relay mode, if screen data transportation is based on TCP, then exception maybe throw out, but there is no exception on UDP. Unchecked means data transportation is based on UDP, not on TCP, but keep alive is still based on TCP.
    In Direct Mode, the option is ignored.

    English (need restart me) :
    check it, exit and restart mobile app, UI language is English. Unchecked, exit and restart mobile app, the local language is used, if there is no local UI language, English is selected.

    click"Cancel", return to login dialog.

  9. input HomeCenter ID : [010876](for example), and password. click"OK". System will build connection to your HomeCenter server.

  10. if no error, your desktop will be displayed on mobile. the following is my screen :

  11. HomeCenter server had created new certification for you. After your mobile had connected HomeCenter server successfully, the certification had been received and saved on your mobile. So HomeCenter server will display the following message to notify you about it:

    • new certification was successful transmitted to mobile
    • and query you weather "Disable Transmit Certification"(to mobile with invalid certification) or not, if there is other mobile user who need to access this server, click"Cancel", and notify them to connect this server now.
    • if there is no other mobile, click"OK" to disable transmitting certification. System will display the following window :

      the control status is changed from to . If there is a mobile with invalid certification want to connect your server, a off-line message will be displayed on that mobile. We hide your server to mobile with wrong certification.

  12. To protect certification from updating in unsafe network, your mobile phone enable "Forbid update certification in (unsafe) net" automatically, so your server displays a message like following :

    If your mobile is in unsafe net environment, it will forbid updating pretended certification to your mobile.

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