1. load, configure, manage HAR project package

HAR project package : it includes menu, controller, UI panel(Mlet) and batch script, which are developed for smart devices and PC. When your mobile is connecting server, those are presented on mobile. your operation will be transmitted to server to drive smart devices and PC.

How to get HAR project package :
  • shared from friends
  • provided by vendors of smart devices
  • developed by yourself

the following steps of loading, configure HAR project
  1. right click tray icon of HomeCenter server, it displays like following :
  2. click "Project Manage"
  3. system display the following :

    Designer :
    edit the selected HAR project. it will close current window, enter Designer and load the selected project for editing

    Up :
    move up the index of selected project

    Down :
    move down the index of selected project

    Remove :
    remove the selected project

    Comment :
    configure the Link Name, Comment of selected project

    Add :
    load a HAR project to your HomeCenter server. click it, choose the HAR file of project package, the project will be copied and ready for load. After clicking Save + Apply, the project is active and in service.
    • No : Index
    • is Root : Selected is root project. There is only one root project in system and the menu of root project is presented as primary menu to mobile, the other projects which are active are presented as folders in primary menu.
    • Project ID : the ID of project
    • Version : version number of project
    • Active : indicate the project is active or not. The project is in service and upgrade if it is active
    • Link Name : it is the folder name for non-root project, which is presented in the primary menu of root project
    • Comment : memo
    • Upgrade URL : the URL for upgrading. If blank then never upgrade

    auto download and upgrade project :
    If checked then enable upgrading project. Active projects will be upgraded by Upgrade URL
    • nextStartUp : the newer version will be in service in the next startup
    • ask : query user weather apply new version immediately or in the next startup
    • immediate : apply new version immediately, if your mobile is connecting server, service will be broken.

    Save+Apply :
    save configure, if mobile is in connecting, service will be broken. System will reload project(s) and refresh service(s)

    Exit :
    close the configure window

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