1. config shortcut keys for controlling desktop

  1. right click tray icon of HomeCenter server, system displays like following :
  2. click "Shortcut Key Map"
  3. system display following dialog :

    Keys :
    one, two, three key(s) mapping

    Icon :
    the shortcut keys icon will be displayed on menu on mobile

    Create Icon :
    if there is no suitable icon in Icon list, click it to generate icon, it is consisted of first letter of each key

    Modify/Add :
    click it to replace the selected line in List with Icon and shortcut Keys. If the selected line is empty, the button is displayed as "Add"

    List :
    You can configure six shortcut keys in max.

    Remove :
    delete the selected keys in List

    Test :
    generate a shortcut keys event of selected keys in List

    Up :
    move up the selected keys in List

    Down :
    move down the selected keys in List

    Cancel :
    close the dialog without modifying or saving

    Save :
    save and close the dialog

  4. After mobile connecting to server, your mobile may display like following :

    six cells of the first column in the right screen are shortcut keys icons.
    your HomeCenter server will generate key event after clicking one of them.

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