1. create new certification for connection

  1. The certification is created automatically when first startup, so you don't need to do following steps except when the mobile with right certification was lost or some other cases that your certification is at risk.
    Important : after creating new certification, please notify who had connected the HomeCenter server with their mobile to connect again to refresh certification.

  2. right click the tray icon of HomeCenter server, it display menu like following :

  3. click "Certification" sub menu

  4. click "Create Certification", system displays like following :

    • server had created new certification successfully and saved it on local disk, not on HomeCenter.MOBI
    • Enable Transmit Certification automatically, "Transmit Certification" is setted to ON. When mobile is connecting to your server, new certification will be transmitted to mobile.
      the sub menu "Certification" looks like following :

      "Disable Transmit Certification" : is disable, you can't disable transmitting now. It will be enable after at least one mobile has connected to server. If no mobile update certification now, it is recommended to exit HomeCenter server.
      the menu item may also display like "Enable Transmit Certification", server will not transmit certification to mobile with invalid certification, after click, transmitting is allowed, and display like "Disable Transmit Certification"

  5. start mobile app, ready to update certification, it displays login form like following:

    click "Option" button.

  6. it displays:

    please keep uncheck "Forbid update certification in (unsafe) net",
    when mobile is connecting to your HomeCenter server, new certification will be received and saved on mobile. Unchecked is default.
    click"OK", return to login dialog.

  7. click"OK", connect to your HomeCenter server, after transmitting certification, the following message is displayed on server :

    • new certification was successful transmitted to mobile
    • and query you weather "Disable Transmit Certification"(to mobile with invalid certification) or not, if there is other mobile user who need to access this server, click"Cancel", and notify them to connect this server now.
    • if there is no other mobile, click"OK" to disable transmitting certification. System will display the following window :

      the control status is changed from to . If there is a mobile with invalid certification want to connect your server, a off-line message will be displayed on that mobile. We hide your server to mobile with wrong certification.

  8. To protect certification from updating in unsafe network, your mobile phone enable "Forbid update certification in (unsafe) net" automatically, so your server displays a message like following :

    If your mobile is in unsafe net environment, it will forbid updating pretended certification to your mobile.

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